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Bogotá Award

General conditions of participation

Call open to artists residents in Bogotá (Colombia)

  • Opening date: 08 / Feb / 2019
  • Closing date: 20 / Sep / 2019 Until 5:00 pm Colombian legal time
  • Publication of list with projects qualified, rejected and to be corrected: 27 / Sep / 2019
  • Publication of evaluation results: 01 / nov / 2019
  • Maximum execution of the residency : 30 / May / 2020

Encourage and strengthen the creation of artistic content around art, science and technology, through the development of one (1) artistic residency of four (4) weeks in the Digital Content Hub of Tshimologong and the University of Witwatersrand in Johnannesburg (South Africa), which involves the use of new technologies.

This residence contemplates the creation of one (1) artistic project that promotes collective and horizontal research through transversal experimentation focused on generating spaces for reflection around digital creation, in the search for technological, artistic and aesthetic languages ​​proper to the global south, focused on the transversal experimentation around the use of art, science and technology.

During the time of the residency, the winner will have at his disposal the spaces and advice of the staff of the Digital Arts Festival Fakugesi (African Digital Innovation Festival) for the development of the laboratory. This residence will be held in 2020.

This call is in charge of the Strategic Line of Art, Scientific Culture, Technology and City, and its interactive laboratory Plataforma Bogotá, of the District Institute of Arts – Idartes.

  • Natural person

Specific profile of the participant

In addition to what is established in number 5.1 of the General conditions of participation, the participants in this call must:

  1. Accredit two (2) years of experience in the development of projects related to the purpose of the call and meet the requirements established in the general conditions of participation.
  2. Count with at least a B2 level of English language.

Individuals may participate in the municipalities of Soacha, Facatativá, Zipaquirá, Chía, Mosquera, Madrid, Funza, Cajicá, Sibaté, Tocancipá, La Calera, Sopó, Tabio, Tenjo, Cota, Gachancipá and Bojacá.


Technical documents for evaluation


The participant must upload in the online application one (1) single PDF document with the following items titled in the order listed below.

NOTE: All required documentation must be submitted in Spanish and English.

  1. Title of the proposal and name of the participant.
  2. Description of the creation project to be carried out during the residency that accounts for the creative process including: software and hardware to be used, digital processes, other technical descriptions.
  3. Reason for interest in the residence and relevance of the proposal presented in relation to the purpose of the call (maximum two pages).
  4. Background to the proposal (if any).
  5. Participant’s curriculum vitae, which contains academic training and professional experience.
  6. A portfolio presentation of the main projects developed.
  7. Schedule of activities to be developed during the four weeks of residency in April 2020.
  8. Detailed budget for the realization of the laboratory and the creation of the artistic project, which relates the distribution of the resource granted by the District Institute of Arts – IDARTES, cost of each of the items that make up the project (activities, services to hire, among others), and total value of the proposal. The artist fee for the winner must not exceed 20% of the general value of the grant, and the budget should contemplate the production of the socialization proposal to be made upon return in Plataforma Bogotá. (See Annex acceptable and not acceptable expenses).
  9. Institutional certificate of a minimum B2 level of English.

Note: in order to determine that the winning person does not have pending matters with the judicial authorities that prevent him from successfully carrying out the immigration procedures for the place of international residence, the entity will proceed to verify the judicial background of the participants authorized for evaluation. In case of precedents, the proposal will be rejected.

For any clarification regarding the terms of this call, please call the open calls area of Idartes at 3795750, Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. at 5:00 p.m.

Evaluation criteria

  • Coherence between the methodology and the contents of the proposal. 25%
  • Contents and interdisciplinary nature (art, science and/or technology) of the proposal, and relevance in relation to the purpose of the call. 25%
  • Technical feasibility and logistics. 25%
  • Trajectory of the participant. 15%
  • Unpublished and innovative aspects that the proposal contemplates. 10%

Specific rights and duties of the winners

Once notified via email the administrative act by which the recommendation of the jury is accepted, the winner must send all documents within ten (10) business days of having made the respective notification. With the delivery of the documents indicated in numeral 5.9.1 of the General conditions of participation, the winner formally accepts the grant.

In addition to the specific rights and duties established in the General conditions of participation, the winners will have the following rights and duties:



Two disbursements will be made:

1.1.1. A first disbursement equivalent to ninety percent (90%) of the total value of the stimulus, for the realization of the residence, after the process of notification of the resolution that grants the stimulus to the winner and fulfillment of the requirements for that purpose.

1.1.2. A second and final disbursement corresponding to ten percent (10%) of the total value of the stimulus with the delivery of a report of the activities carried out within the framework of the residence and the fulfillment of the socialization agreed with the Platforma Bogotá.


2.1. The entire stimulus will be used to cover travel expenses to the place of residence, as well as transport and food during the stay of the resident in Johannesburg. The stimulus will also cover materials necessary to carry out the project and other related expenses that may be presented in order to properly execute the proposal. (see annex: Acceptable and not acceptable expenses).

2.2. The participant must contemplate exit and entry taxes and others according to the corresponding guidelines to the Embassy and / or Consulate of South Africa and health insurance during the stay of the resident in Johannesburg.

2.3. Agree with the Idartes, through Platforma Bogotá and Trias Culture, the dates for the development of the residence.

2.4. To have the time to execute the residence during the established period and socialization of said residence to be carried out in the facilities of Plataforma Bogotá upon his return.

2.5. Have valid documents needed to make the trip to Johannesburg: Valid passport, visa to travel to South Africa (the consulate where Colombians transact their visa is located in Caracas, Venezuela), document justifying the establishment of lodging or invitation letter of TRIAS CULTURE and the Fakugesi Festival. For more detailed information, the participant should consult with the Embassy of South Africa corresponding to Colombia, located in Caracas, Venezuela, and with other pertinent entities and assume all the expenses corresponding to the procedures for entering the country where the residence will take place.

2.6 Carry out at your own expense and risk the procedures of visas, exits from the country and other procedures required before third parties to carry out the RESIDENCE. In the case of not receiving approvals for the mentioned procedures, the winner must notify the District Institute of the Arts – Idartes and renounce the respective RESIDENCE, which will be granted to the substitute when applicable.

2.7. Contact TRIAS CULTURE through Plataforma Bogotá, as soon as it is notified by the District Institute of the Arts – IDARTES as winner, to advance the procedures and send the information requested to start the residency.

2.8. Define the work plan with TRIAS CULTURE and the Fakugesi Festival and share it immediately with Platforma Bogotá, together with the other agreements made between the resident and TRIAS CULTURE and the Fakugesi Festival.

2.9. Ask TRIAS CULTURE and the Fakugesi Festival for a letter of compliance with 100% of the activities and the work plan agreed upon for the place, once the residency ends.

2.10. Record the activities that are carried out in the development of the proposal (including socialization), either through photography, video or other media that are considered relevant, to be used in the consolidation of the final record of activities.

2.11. Socialize the process and results of the residence experience upon arrival in Bogotá. This socialization must be done at the facilities of Plataforma Bogotá and the dates and format of the socialization must be agreed with Platforma Bogotá.

2.12. Deliver to Plataforma Bogotá, of the District Institute of the Arts – IDARTES two (2) copies in DVD (in high and low resolution) with thephotographic, videographic or sound registration of the process carried out in the place of residence.

2.13. Give the credits in the graphic pieces and written communications, corresponding to Plataforma Bogotá, District Stimulus Program and IDARTES, according to the guidelines established by the Bogotá Platform and the IDARTES, TRIAS CULTURE logos use manual: ÁFRICA ARTBOX and Fakugesi Festival

2.14. Follow the general guidelines of security, coexistence and behavior of the Digital Content Hub of Tshimologong and the University of Witwatersrand in Johnannesburgo.

2.15. The artistic project and its final work created during the residency will be integrated into the Africa ArtBox catalog and can be exhibited at African ArtBox traveling exhibitions in Africa, Latin America and other regions of the world.
You can download the appendices on the IDARTES official website


Anexo Descripción
ANEXO DE GASTOS ACEPTABLES Y NO ACEPTABLES Tenga en cuenta este documento para formular el presupuesto de su propuesta.


Resolución Descripción
Acta definición perfiles jurados convocatorias PDE 2019 En este documento consulte el listado de perfiles jurados convocatorias IDARTES PDE 2019
Resolución No 098 apertura del Programa Distrital de Estímulos 2019 «Por medio de la cual se ordena la apertura del Programa Distrital de Estímulos 2019 para las convocatorias que incluyen acciones contempladas en los proyectos de la Subdirección de Equipamientos Culturales del Instituto Distrital de las Artes»
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