The new issue of ARTEPOLI magazine opens your own pages to ArtBox Digital | Artbox Digital

The new issue of ARTEPOLI magazine opens your own pages to ArtBox Digital


Led by a group of artists and arts professionals, Artepoli is an interesting editorial initiative that informs about international cultural news. Faithful to its mission of “Being a spokesperson for artists’ creative work and a window to new trends”, Artepoli offers artists and cultural entities a showcase to promote their projects.

ArtBox Digital has had the privilege of being part of the latest issue of Artepoli and sharing this space with artists and cultural initiatives of of very high turnover. What better opportunity than this to share this publication and enter the territory of Artepoli? For this, we share an exclusive interview with Ángel Alonso, Cuban artist, publisher and content director of the magazine.

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Interview with Ángel Alonso

Angel, can you tell us about Artepoli?

The magazine has existed for several years, and was founded by Pierre Rivero and Mireia Correcher Bernet. At first it was only digital format, but now it is also printed with a quarterly issue that has many subscribers. I collaborated with them by writing a few articles and gradually we got closer. Now I am an integral part of this project.

Although it is a consolidated magazine, we are currently proposing some changes. The first thing is that we want it to be more and more international and give space to all continents, artists from Latin America, Africa …along whith those who have been closer, we are mostly Catalan and Cuban artists.

Another important thing is that we want to make visible those artists who, having an interesting work, do not find opportunities to promote themselves in the great art magazines, in which publishing an advertisement costs very expensive.

How it works ?

ARTEPOLI does not have a big company behind it, it does not pay the contributions to those who write and all subscription fees or artists’ contributions are intended to print more numbers and  grow the project. Of course, the magazine will not be printed alone, we must print every three months with a budget.

How can artists advertise their projects or promote their works in the magazine?

The very economical options available to artists to become known through the magazine are explained in our pages. These contributions are what allow that in addition to the digital version, there is also the collectible version on paper, which is present in many libraries in Barcelona and is also distributed free of charge in art galleries, museums and the cultural centers (« Centros Civicos »).

A magazine like Artepoli is a good showcase for artists. Artists sometimes invest their income in participation fees for exhibitions, to rent spaces to show their works, to print a postcard or a catalog…  and that’s fine, but an art magazine like ours makes their works more visible because it has much more scope: it is read all over the world in its digital version, the printed version reaches many sites in Barcelona and other cities of Spain, but also in other countries.

In addition, sporadically, we organize exhibitions with the artists that are promoted there. An international family of artists is being formed.

Here you can read the full edition of this summer 2019