Jury 2017 | Artbox Digital

Angel Alonso

Digital Artist
Art critic

Web: http://angelalonso-artist.blogspot.com.es/


A graduate from the Academy of Fine Arts of San Alejandro (Cuba).
His work has been presented at individual and collective exhibitions in more than 20 countries including: the cycle of Latin American Video Art (Instituto Valenciano de Arte Moderno), “videographies in (visibles)” ATA (Peru) The Havana Biennial (Cuba), the contemporary art room Centro Wifredo Lam (Havana, Cuba), the Center for the Development of Visual Arts (Havana) and the Cuban Photographic Library.
Angel participated as a Jury member in the digital art contest of the “CLIC” Foundation in El Salvador and collaborated with the digital art fair of the Center Pablo de la Torriente Brau.
His work has been rewarded in several occasions and his artworks are inscribed in the book “Memory, Cuban Art of the Twentieth Century”.
An invited speaker in El Salvador, Honduras and Cuba, Angel has also published in magazines such as El Caiman Barbudo, Arte Cubano and Artepoli, as well as in digital media publications such as Alter Cine (IPS) and BRAC (Barcelona Research Art Creation)

Juan Pablo Pacheco

Artist, curator and researcher
Professor at the Xaveriana University of Bogotá and co-director of the Bogotá platform

Web: www.juanpablopacheco.com 


Using video, text and image, his work and research focuses on historical memory, the archives and the materiality of the digital space. Pacheco has developed artistic, cultural and research projects in the United States, Senegal, France, Spain and Colombia.
He is currently a professor of digital arts at the Xaveriana University of Bogota, and co-directs Plataforma Bogotá : an interactive laboratory of art, science and technology.

Maria Luisa Angulo

Cultural Entrepreneur / Digital Artist
Artist and economist of Salvadoran origin and of Franco-Salvadoran nationality.

Web: https://www.linkedin.com/in/maria-luisa-angulo-a1943325/


Living in Africa since 2006, Maria Luisa Angulo is the Founder of TRIAS CULTURE. Her approach is the result of her artistic training in the field of contemporary dance and her experience as an economist in the development sector.
The crossing fusion between these two disciplines has allowed her to direct her professional career towards the creative economy sector and to initiate research on the interbreeding between digital technologies, artistic creation and cultural development. In the process, she established a first initiative in El Salvador and later in Senegal, promoting access to digital technologies in the artistic and cultural environment in these regions of the world.
She also works as a consultant for the realization of diagnostics, project monitoring and evaluation, strategic planning, and other management aspects related to the creative economy.

Ángel Carrascal

Multifaceted and multidisciplinary artist.

Web: http://mathe.es


Directly involved in the hip-hop culture since 1997, mAthe has extensive experience in thegraffiti and street art. He has also organized and promoted high-level international cultural events.
In recent years, he has developed his musical career as a songwriter, MC, producer and beatmaker, becoming a clear example of avant-garde and unprejudiced hip-hop. This is from the instrumental plan (with a marked electronic vocation) as well as lyrical (with abstract and conceptual words close to slam and spoken word), alternating between Spanish, French and English.
After his first studio album “Baobab” (July 2014) mAthe has launched several musical works, including: the single “Azimut” LP “Inopia”, “Serendìpya”, “Ura”, “Ura Remixed” Yayoi “PE” OIO Supernova “single. His latest highly anticipated EP “Waaw” – was released released in April 2017.


Focal point trainer of the EU/ACP 3D Project at IAM – Dakar


Trained in Dakar but also in New York, Malick has an impressing experience in the 2D/3D field. He worked in particular in India at the studio Paprikaas on various projects such as «How to train your Dragon» a famous film of Dreamworks and also in advertisements for  Nike.

He also worked for the Grand Theatre National in Dakar as the one in charge of graphics and he taught Graphic Design at the University in Thies and Sup-Info Dakar. He is presently in charge of the ACP3D training programme hosted at IAM (Institut Africain de Management) in Dakar.