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Bay Dam, Senegal

Passionné de Linux et des logiciels libres, il utilise les technologies pour se réapproprier l’espace public, les formes, les couleurs, les matières.
« Chorection » installation interactive qui résulte d’une expérimentation entre la danse et la vidéo comme un accompagnement visuel, pour faire voyager le spectateur à travers les images en abstraite harmonie.

Technique : clavier interactif de 3,49m x 1,21m placé à 1m de l’écran de projection où d’un écran de télévision de 90cm sur 50cm et un son pour dicter la phonétique.

Louis Kruger, South Africa

Louis Krüger from South Africa is a contemporary artist, freelance videographer, graphic designer and photographer. He has a MA degree in Fine Arts (cum laude) obtained at the University of the Free State. He has exhibited in many group exhibitions and has received acclaim at many competitions for his video artworks and digital photomontages particularly the Absa L’atelier and Phatshoane Henney New Breed Art Competition. He also acts as project coordinator for the Vrystaat Open Studio Tour.

Artwork : Evocation
Concept: Evocation creates a mystical experience in the imagination by combining the animation potential of the landscape at the Khoisan rock art site Wildebeest Kuil in South Africa with trace elements of forgotten practices and current technology.

Technical : Vidéo de 2 min 28 sec
I took video footage using a rotary contraption that directed the camera downwards the earth. Post-production: I imported the footage and sounds (of cicadas and internet dial-up) to Final Cut Pro X for editing and exporting.

Melissa Allela, Kenya

Melisa Allela merges her background in animation, illustration and graphic design to create digital art projects that explore the retelling of personal narratives, using experimental animation techniques that fuse various tools and technologies such as generative art and virtual reality.

Artwork : WHAT THE FUSS?
Concept:  What the Fuss? is a 360/VR video installation co-created with Lenny Njagih, a sound and digital artist who evolves in the field of digital storytelling. A 360 / VR video installation that explores the concept of “interpretive” form and attempts to explores meaning making on social media (more specifically on Facebook) with the intent of  eliciting introspection on meaning making in online social networking platforms.

Technical : Vidéos 360 VR and performance. 5:20:20 minutes
The scenes were created in Cinema 4D (a 3D modeling software), a 3D Scanning via Digital photogrammetry (to populate the terra on the virtual landscape). Google’s Spatial Media Metadata injector was further used to convert the media into a 360 video whilst maintaining it’s spatial audio properties, as well as Fractal Geometry (Mandelbulb 3D) for abstract environments.

Concept: A series of ongoing animated interviews that explore Kenyans’ imagination of the country in fifty years (starting in 2015). Each story is derived from an interview and visualized in its own distinct style with the hope that a esthetics can further an audience’s understanding of the subject matter.

Technical : Videos and performances. 18.60 minutes
The project explores the use of animation technologies and digital art to visualize the subjective themes of interviews in the overall theme.

François Knoetze, South Africa

Francois Knoetze is a Cape Town based performance artist, sculptor and filmmaker. He holds an MFA from the University of Cape Town. Notable exhibitions include A Secret Rancour –Notions of Resentment at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Belgium (2017), U/Tropia at the Wiener Festwochen in Germany (2015), and Designing Futures at the Lagos Photo Festival (2015). In 2015 Knoetze was featured as one of Mail & Guardian’s ‘Top 200 Young South Africans’.

Artwork : Cape Mongo (2013 – 2016)
Concept: Cape Mongo follows the stories of six characters as they journey through the city of Cape Town. Each Mongo character is made from the city’s discarded waste – mythical ‘trash creatures’ which have emerged from the growing dumps of consumer culture. In six short films, the creatures revisit the spaces of their imagined pasts – the locations associated with their material existence and the constitution of their social relations – as if walking against the consumer-driven currents of city.

Technical : Sculpture, video art, public performance. 36 mins
With the help of video and performance techniques, Cap Mongo tells six short films about the life of six Mongos made from the city’s rubbish.

Aboubacar Bablé Draba, Mali

Passionated with video, he obtained a multimedia Master at the Conservatoire des Arts et Metiers Multimedia in Bamako « Balla Fasseke Kouyate ». His need to express himself through the artistic video earned him the silver medal at the 8th Jeux de la Francophonie in digital

Artwork : Ville Peinte
Concept : «Ville peinte» is a reflect of our society in which each individual has its own personality, origine and religion. This difference is represented by the color and the engins that each one wears. Melted in the 7 colors of the rainbow, it calls upon social cohesion, In a philosophical way, together, we are a people, together we are what Mali is.

Technical : Video 2 min 11, in performance 5 min
Video filmed with a Reflex camera and edited with Final Cut Pro then treated with After Effect. The performance was made designed with Resolume Arena. .