03 Oct: The digital tool: experiences from Latin America

Artistic creation from Latin America tends to be seen by those in the first world as peripheral, imitative, folkloric, and contaminated with the culture of resentment that Harold Bloom speaks about so much. It is forgotten, for example, that an important period in Picasso’s oeuvre involved superficially copying African masks.


27 Sep: (Re)appropriation in video art

A brief critical analysis of appropriation and its digital resources. Appropriation has remained bound to art history through big names such as Leonardo da Vinci, Picasso, or Duchamp, who exemplify the consistent use of this technique/movement within the art world….


30 Jul: Creative process of the Africa ArtBox 2017 Award’s visual identity: Simb Gaïndé

For this first edition, the organizers of Africa ArtBox said they were looking for an image evoking the African continent as a whole and the digital media in the area of artistic production, stressing the importance of the artist’s professional development in a world that becomes more and more global. At the very beginning of the image creative process, I separated those two concepts to analyze and visualize them in an independent way, aiming to find new ideas.